'History' button?

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'History' button?

Post by WRS » 09 Apr 2010, 23:06

'Rt-click, Back' gives a history list. The 'Back' button sends you back to the previous station. Is there a way to add a 'History' button?

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Re: 'History' button?

Post by Fonzy » 07 Feb 2015, 18:33

inLightRadio has such an option (beneath mystations, all stations, favorite stations, there is the option history of tuned stations, all in separate lists kept in the folder of the radio)
Unfortunate, this radio is not longer available (website abandoned, stations not kept or updated.... The existing users have to do with the last stationslist, or do as myself, keep track of changes and new stations myself, manage it in a personal database, or capture the stations from Radio Sure, convert them to the listformat of inLightRadio, and export the list to the installation-folder\stations, and so benefit from the advantages of that radio
But in RadioSure , there is not such option, and most likely, never will be :-(

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