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Error "Forbidden 403" - Geoblocking?

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Error "Forbidden 403" - Geoblocking?

Postby Radion » 17 Dec 2017, 15:04


I'm a european user and I can't listen to many radio stations (for example Radio Kroq 106.7) because of this error: "Unable to open item for playback (Forbidden (403))". I can view the error if I open a pls file (containing the right links for streaming) with a music player. Is it caused by geoblocking? Usually the error 403 is an error caused by the server permissions.
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Re: Error "Forbidden 403" - Geoblocking?

Postby Fonzy » 17 Dec 2017, 16:29

The only thing you can do about geo-block, is using a (free) proxy of the country , in wich the station is situated.
Of course,using proxies is only for PRO-users .....for free users ????(no work-around I'm afraid)
The error "forbidden" usualy occurs if youb try to open a stream from a browser (since server detects the modus of the connector, and when radio players get access, browsers do not)
For being sure it i!s geoblock, go to the website of the radio you have in mind, and try there to open the webplayer: then you clearly get the message "restricted to xxxx region" if appropriete
The website you can find on http/ and type your radio in the search field at right on header of table, and open the sheet of the radio. You can try there the stream(s) by copy and paste into the radioplayer on your PC (play from clipboard) If you find the website has a palyer working, while the streapms in the sheet are not working, then edit the sheet with the good streams or if you cannot find the stream URL, just signal us here in section radio, where also other users ask for streams to find.
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Re: Error "Forbidden 403" - Geoblocking?

Postby eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 06 Feb 2018, 23:01

Geoblocking is a growing trend with streams that play music. The music industry likes to collect fees and has set up a system by country where the listener is rather than where the streamer is. It is mostly driven by the American legal system and started with not allowing US streams with music to be heard outside the US. More recently, it has threatened overseas streamers to either send royalty checks to the USA or block listeners in the USA. Their main target had been Canadian streams but it is now worldwide.

Radionomy has been effected and many other sites as well.

Some sites block streams through their web pages, but some stream providers such as (used by KROQ) block it at the stream level.

Google free proxy and pick one from the USA, put it into RadioSure and you will be able to listen to KROQ. Google chrome also has a free plugin called Tuxler that will allow you to listen through Chrome.
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