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Cannot record radiostations

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Cannot record radiostations

Postby ChristHel » 29 Nov 2016, 17:08


When I click on Record button, your appli seem to record, but it don't.
The record file contain nothing and never grow up as the time pass.

Please see attachment.

Thank you


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Re: Cannot register

Postby Fonzy » 29 Nov 2016, 17:19

To make it clear:
ChristHell did change her original question "cannot register" to "cannot record radiostations"
answer to original question:
What do you have in mind about "registering" ??
Registering the APP (programm, RadioSure is nOT an app ) only makes the program act as PRO version, having the options to open more than 1 instance, record from beginning of song(if already started then), and more features,. You can find the differences between free and pro on the pages where you can order RadioSure
The record file only has a song , if the connection is not broken before the end of the song.
I see you have a file "untitled", meaning the station does not broadcast markers or tags for the songs. In that case you get an enormous record file in MP3 format.OR the file recorded is not recorded at all, so no tags are used...(see bug in version 1036 and later)

Settings in Options:
- A bug , since version 1036 and later: do not set bitrate automatic, :Solution= set it to 128 (I guess this causes your problem )
- : do not mark the option " do not record advertisements if shorter than 90 seconds", because that can cause problems on SOME radio stations(with songs shorter than 90 seconds). Note also, that not all radiostations sends the markers for begin/end song, and not all stations send tags for the song (title/singer/...)
- advice: do install Radiosure as "portable", meaning all files needed for the radioplayer , are in ONE folder (and subfolders of the same), and not divided in personal maps and general maps, as the software (virusprotectors/adware protectors COULD protect some folders more than others, and so make it not possible to see the registration from the program itself...) This has helped some users...
First check your OPTIONS menu , -recording options, -see bitrate is NOT on AUTOMATIC

See also posting "Recording from some radios not working"( viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2187)
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Re: Cannot record radiostations

Postby Fonzy » 01 Dec 2016, 03:00

.... and we hear NOTHING from ChristHel...
Meaning "problem solved "?? , or still trying to register the APP ??
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Re: Cannot record radiostations

Postby ChristHel » 01 Dec 2016, 03:26

Hi Fonzy,

Thank you for your suggestion.
The automatic bitrate was the problem.

Sorry to reply so late.
I didn't have time to try your suggestions.
I tried some ones yesterday without success.
I just tried to change the bitrate and work fine !

Thank you for everything,

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