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Enigma Protector

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Enigma Protector

Postby viccant » 26 Feb 2017, 01:47

Hi! Why does Radiosure make Enigma Protector entries to the registry? As far as know Enigma has a dubious reputation.
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Re: Enigma Protector

Postby Fonzy » 26 Feb 2017, 02:35

Can you explain more about enigma.(reputation-purpose- other...)
Found it in my registry too, but are you sure it comes from Radiosure ?
( I remove this entries, and see what the effect is on Radiosure, certainly not needed for registration, maybe for auto-updating stationslist ??)
Result :
After removing the registerkey(s), and rebooting PC, Radiosure starts, but does not connect.
After 15 seconds plays as normal.
Check registry: enigma proof keys are created by the radio software
(My 2 installs (diffrent versions) are both "portable" so not needing the registry in fact)
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Re: Enigma Protector

Postby viccant » 26 Feb 2017, 03:34

Hi Fonzy, I downloaded Enigma Protector and checked it at VirusTotal, the result being CLEAN. So sorry for the false alarm. As for its reputation, some users at the Avast and Enigma Protector forums reported it as possible malware.
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