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'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 12 Mar 2017, 18:56
by paradigm
RadioSure is my 'most-used' software!

I am running the latest version, '1046'.
Just noticed that the 'Back Button' no longer works as intended. My understanding is that it should re-play the immediately previous selected stream (from a history file). In my case the action is to play a seemingly random stream from my Favourites List rather than the immediately previous stream. Presumably the Back/Forward Buttons should step through a history list. Any suggestion what might be the problem would be welcome - I have stopped short of reinstalling. Thanks.

Re: 'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 12 Mar 2017, 23:40
by Fonzy
If you rightclick on body, and scroll down in options, you get at "played songs" (must show a list of all previous selected stations.
This is the list wich is looped trough in previous order. Of course that list change, because if you go back, the previous station is added on the end of the list, but in my case the radio steps back trough that list (the history in fact.
If you go down in options at rightclick you encounter also "back" and when hoovering on that option you get also a list (history) with playing station on top, and down the previous stations tuned in.
That list cannot be cleared manually (or I have to try how it can)
If you do not see a list of history, or it does not change according to your selections, then it may be your radiosure install files are not free to write (protected folder/install on protected usb stick/ other...) so the radiosure.xml file can not be re-written, so the last settings are also not saved for next use.
This is the only reason I can see , for causing your problem.
The back button should not have a random choice from favorites.
If you step trough , let us say 4 stations, and you push back, you have to go to each previous selected each time.
If that does not happen, check wether your radiosure.xml file is write protected
( I always recommend to install the radio as portable, meaning that ALL files from radiosure are located together in ONE folder/subfolders, and where that main-folder is, you can choose yourself (even on a memory stick, but do not write protect stick, and wait before removal until "safe removal" has been displayed), so the xml file can be updated before closing down PC

Re: 'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 18:28
by paradigm
Thanks Fonzi for your most helpful reply - I do have the portable version installed.
As you say, I can access the 'Played Songs' list which correctly updates with each new stream selection. Incidentally, the list can be cleared by simply restarting RadioSure. I am running Windows 10 and the folders are marked as 'Read-Only' (which reverts back to read-only if changed) but the RadioSure.xml file itself is definitely NOT read-only and appears to be updating correctly.

However, the operation of the 'Back/Forward Buttons' remains puzzling. For example, if I restart RadioSure to clear the list and then select say streams 1, 2 then 3 in turn and then click the Back Button another (unexpected - not in the Played Song list) stream out of the Favourites list plays whereas I would expect a return to stream 2 ?

Maybe I need to reinstall - or accept that this is the way things are and keep enjoying RadioSure!

Re: 'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 23:41
by Fonzy
the "played songs "list does reset indeed after a new start of RadioSure, but under the "back" option , there stays an other list,and appearently , it is that list folowed bij the "back button" (and that list is always there on my version. Maybe it is limited to xxx number stations, so only the last xxx are there)
To be honest: I do not use those buttons, and my newest skins do not have those back and forward buttons (simply , because I have an other radioplayer with back and forward, and there you step trough the stationslist in the window of (filtered) stations, and there they immediatally play after stepping , so that is a quick way to test wether stations are good working or do not connect.
Unfortunate, that radio developper has ceased the further develloping and support , and his website has stopped about a year ago, but the radio still works..., I do import (after conversion) the whole RadioSure list in that player, also to quick view the websites and other info that is not seen by RadioSure)

Re: 'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 14 Mar 2017, 00:46
by paradigm
Thanks again Fonzy - in reality I am sure I can live happily without the Forward/Back Buttons!

I do rely heavily on RadioSure and it is not good to hear that development/maintenance is/has ceased. Some questions therefore naturally spring to mind:
If maintenance has ceased, how are the regular station updates being generated? And for how long are they likely to continue - maybe we don't know?
Looking to the future, it might be wise to look for another player - there are several alternatives (but I really like RadioSure!), but are there any recommendations? (I was interested to note that you also use an alternative player).

Thanks for all your work in being so active in the RadioSure forums - do you in fact run the forum?

Re: 'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 14 Mar 2017, 02:51
by Fonzy
You did not read correct. I did not say, radiosure ceased to devellop etc..., but an other radioplayer did (inLight-Radio ), altough , we do not see admin very often here, and question is also if there is still a developper/updater at RS headquarters for the software
The stationslist is kept ONLY by volunteers updating / deleting / adding stations.
Every night the list is automatic sent to the PRO users, and the free users can await updating from the stationslist every week (or around a week).(the radio must be active to receive new listing )
SO , as long as the website ( does exist, the radio can go on, and updates will happen by the work of many volunteers.

I do not run the forum at all. What I do is keeping the forum free of wild advertisings, and it is admin who asked me to do so, (volunteer !)
Because I read many questions and the answers to it, and my own experiences with radiosure and others, I often reply on questions about the use of the radio, or I may ask some friends to take care of stations not working if reported by users on the forum

Re: 'Back Button' no longer working correctly

Posted: 14 Mar 2017, 23:12
by paradigm
Thanks for all the interesting information Fonzy - my understanding is a lot better now. My apologies for jumping to the hasty conclusion that support for RadioSure was possibly to cease. The volunteers are doing a great job in keeping the station database updated, also yourself in the forums - all a lot of work. I must have a look at InLight Radio although now that RadioSure's future looks brighter there is no immediate pressure to do so. Thanks again for your assistance and best wishes.