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Registering over and over

Please discuss here all the defects you've found in the RadioSure.

Registering over and over

Postby BreBruce » 20 Apr 2017, 01:29

I've been having to re register every couple of days.
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Re: Registering over and over

Postby Fonzy » 20 Apr 2017, 15:50

Meaning the licence file cannot be written in the RS folder, or RS cannot find the license file
See that the folder of RS is free to write to .
Or some software removes the ~temp.sys file , wich is the registration file.(software removing temp files ,but this is no temp file ;it is a sys file).

My suggestion is:install the RadioSure as PORTABLE ,meaning all files are in one folder (and you can choose a folder wich is certainly NOT write protected),you can even install on a USB stick, but do not write protect or you cannot get the stations updated .
Save the ~temp.sys file (first make to see the hidden files in your Explorer) on a spot where is is kept, and make it "read only" (attributes)
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