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Please discuss here all the defects you've found in the RadioSure.
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add to favorites

Post by karel » 10 Aug 2017, 19:37


I LOVE Radioo Sure it is amazing that such a wonderfull program can be obtained for free.Thank u very much!!!
Ihave one prtoblem though : I can't add favorites.

I downloaded the latest version on my new laptop en enbled favorites in " settinghs"

I tried two methods :

a.right clicking right on the station and push :add to...

b. hit the button on the bottom(add to ) while the staion is marked in blue.

Neither one doe work.

Can you please help me.


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Re: add to favorites

Post by Fonzy » 10 Aug 2017, 20:43

Hi Karel from Belgium,

Enabled favorites ???, you can (in the free version) only sort favorites and synchronise favorites with database ( not group them, that is only for the licensed or PRO-version) Favorites are always "enabled"

I just tried out in free version (I have free and pro installed separately for testing)
All works that has to be working...

You can , while playing a station, right click, and choose in the windows dialog for add, or remove from favorites.
To play or select a favorite, click on the symbol (heart or star, or..., depending of skin) on the radio, and choose in the pulldown menu the wanted station(in pro-version in groups arranged for genre, in free all together in one list)

If the station does not appear in the favorites list, you have a BIG problem, also with the stations, because that means you installed in a protected folder (write protected), so your stations lists cannot be updated, and your settings cannot be saved either
Be sure you install in a not protected folder..., do so by choosing "install as portable" at setup, and choose a directory/folder that is for sure NOT write protected !

If you succeed to un-write protect your current radiosure folder, that is OK too !(but I guess you use Windows 10 or a virus protector who does things you do not want, but not realising what it all does .... :-) )
- you did install latest version 2.2.1046 I hope (is only version playing m3u8 files)
- If you just installed the radio shortly , setup goes along with a VERY OLD ( and limitted ) stations list, that you should update as soon as possible (automatic after a week for the free users, every 1 or 2 days for the pro users. You can manually update the list by downloading the latest stations list on below the listing = click on download, and unpack (unzip) in .../radiosure/stations/ folder, and remove (delete) the oldest dated stationsxxx.rsd file , where xxx is date of list)
- Note also, that songs can be recorded "from beginning" (= complete), for pro-users, and understood that radio must be tuned at the station before the beginning of the song)Free users can only record from the moment they push the record button, so reording then is only partial, unless start on the perfect spot

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