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RadioSure downloads and features

Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 23:03
by Fonzy
There are still things wrong , on stations site more specific on downloads:
On download , version 1036 still is offered, while that (old) version does NOT support HLS
As features, still is announced: "Fixed covers visualization" is NOT true.
as option "save covert Art in recorded Mp3 files" How can that be, if covert Art does NOT work ???
as option " Open YouTube video from cover Art window" , IS NOT TRUE since Covert Art is NOT working.

SO old version 1036 still recommended, does NOT support HLS (m3u8)
Ver2.2.1046 supports HLS, but in this version , the auto-bitrate (default at install time) does NOT work ( recordings are non-working mp3 files of zero lenght) = BUG (maybe remove the auto-bitrate option and choose as default 128Kb speed)
Admin ... fix this ???