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Buffering problem

Posted: 16 Aug 2019, 17:56
by jeuprime

On some radios add automaticaly, there is a problem of buffering, begin to 100% and fall to 0%. It's not a problem of connection, in my browser it's works normally and If I add manually this radio, there is no problem too

Re: Buffering problem

Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 15:43
by Fonzy
Hi, I do not know which OS you use on your pc,but if a stationstream connects flawless by a browser or any other programm, then it should also by RS.
The buffers function, is not in the options-settings, however , in the radiosure.xml file, there is a line defining the buffer size, which you can edit. So you can experiment with differen sizes. I can not guess which will be better, a higher or a lower value.
Maybe you can check also on a possible anti-vir software, if it could stop or serious delay for radiosure (some virusscanners have been reported here to find radiosure a virus, just because it changes part of the program at startup for making ir PRO if programm find youricense.
If you posess such a virusscanner, put the RSprogramm as trusted ( or exceptiions list)

Re: Buffering problem

Posted: 19 Aug 2019, 12:17
by jeuprime
Where can i find this xml file?

Re: Buffering problem

Posted: 19 Aug 2019, 13:56
by Fonzy
It is in the main folder where radiosure is installed ( ,in my case, but I have, installed portable, so all files are only in one map.)
You can try also the folder C: \Documents and Settings/ your account/ Local settings/radiosure
or C: \Documents and Settings/ your account/Application Data/radiosure
Attention: both maps at the ensd are Hidden maps, so set your settings to vieuw hidden maps and folders in Windows
Or just use the search function for files ".xml " on c: drive

To avoid that hazzle, I always recommend to install as portable, in a "surely not protected" map/folder, even on USB stick but do NOT write protect it for the program has to write your favorites and changes in options

(Are you sure , the problem is not with https streams ?, because, basically radiosure can not handle secure protocol, except for the HLS module , that was later implemented)

Re: Buffering problem

Posted: 28 Aug 2019, 17:32
by jeuprime
It's change nothing, but when i put the S on http, it's works better and with the name of track.

I've got the last version of radiosure pro too.

On radio sure, no problem with this link

i remove the S, and no track name and mega buffer