heavy IO causes stuttering in RadioSure

Please discuss here all the defects you've found in the RadioSure.
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heavy IO causes stuttering in RadioSure

Post by normx004 » 21 Apr 2020, 20:10

When i am listening to a station, (this happens on multiple stations) and I am running a big download (a couple of Gb) RadioSure sometimes goes into an "echo" mode, where the same 1 or 2 seconds repeats about a dozen times and then the station continues normally. Not sure how this could happen unless RadioSure is somehow losing its place in the buffer and trying to get back (inadvertantly) to the same place over and over.

I'm on Windows 10 with a fast (300megabit) internet connection, lots of spare memory, and a wired connection to my router, so I don't think it is my infrastructure causing the problem...

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Re: heavy IO causes stuttering in RadioSure

Post by Fonzy » 21 Apr 2020, 21:03

Well, I do think this is caused by a defective hardware device on your pc, and not by the software of RS.
Let me explain:
A few years ago, I had the same problem.
My configuration was, pc with 2x CD/DVD device, one player, the other reader & writer (Plextor). I searched for about one year, and found the cause by accident, by temp. removing the dvd reader for temp connection of old harddisk, and the problem was gone. Reconnect caused the error again. Error was not constant, but in circumstances with....( do not remember any specific thing, so therefore so hars to search ).
Anyway, I did investigate how a not in use drive could cause this, and used an oscilloscope to monitor the hardware interupts.
The device did, now and then , fire a salvo of interrupts to the processor, and if you know what interrupt requests (IRQ) do: they first save all registers , then take the processor to handle the interrupt request , and after task has done, set back registers so cpu can go on with it was busy.
Due to that salvo of thousands of IRQ's (with no task for the cpu) the registers where constantly saved and restored, and could not be filled again, so caused a repeated piece of sound, and also the video of the screen was affected.
This proves that repeating music can be due to hardware problem (defective
chip in a device, generating interrupts without any reason.

In my case, I was even thinking on defective capacitors on my pc board, so that interferences could occur. I with even switched to a different mainboard for that
I do not know this is possible also with usb devices, but my advice, do remove one by one devices, like disk drives,(other than your system drive) cd or dvd drives, floppy drive, and each time test the pc ( and if you use a internet card, try to replace it cause that device also could send uncontrolled IRQ's if defective or overloaded

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