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Stuck on one station

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Stuck on one station

Postby gra-333 » 12 Mar 2016, 04:57

I have not used the radiosure for some time. It was working fine for years, but now I can only receive 1 station and all others fail to connect.
As I am not very good with computers I find the talk of proxy etc completely beyond me. How can I get my old radiosure working again.
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Re: Stuck on one station

Postby Fonzy » 12 Mar 2016, 12:23

Install last version 2.2.1046 as it has the feature to receive also m3u8 protocols
Only one station ?, are you in the favorites list then ? (If proxy wrong, you have no connection at all )
If the radio has not been used for very long time, then most likely the stations from the list are outdated (stations change the server adress now and them...)
So install last version, and even then you have an older stationslist. Without a license , wait one week (or download the newest stations from our website Radiosure/stations below the text "download latest stationslist from.... "
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