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How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 14:25
by Sooln
I see that in its cool Carbonado skin, VEk4NO1D has succeeded to change the appearance of the scrollbar button.
But I did not find the name of the image file or the necessary line in the native .rsn file for that.
Do you know how he does it ?


Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 19:03
by Fonzy
Sorry friend, but I am not going to buy a skin just to examine for you how skins are built.
If you search the files you can find the slider line and properties I am sure.
If someone already has the skin, an is willing to check ut for you, fine with me..:-)

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 10:07
by Sooln
No, but you just could have known the name of the element/property.
I was hoping to be heard by the develloppers even RS on this forum that without being graphic designers can know the names of modifiable elements of the GUI. But it's not a bad idea to buy the skin to see and maybe the only way.
Have a good day

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 04 Dec 2019, 23:59
by Jazzfan
VEk4NO1D has a presence on If I read the information correctly their last activity there was 5 months ago, which is a good sign considering the age of his skin here is 10 years old. And that his membership here has apparently lapsed because I can not find it.

He has some astounding skins on DeviantArt for various applications. The Carbonado RS skin likely hadn't made much income because the lack of active membership here would lead me to believe that he has abandoned making anything for Radiosure.
I can not sign up to yet ANOTHER site at this time. Else I would inquire there about how they (he?) did it on your behalf. Perhaps you could ask him directly how it is done.

If you do purchase and recieve the skin for $2, I would be interested in what the ELEMENT is called.

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 05 Dec 2019, 01:41
by Fonzy
No way, I (we) do not get contact with skin sellers skin creators in general. I do not intend to buy all skins just to explane to someone how it is done (as fas as I myself understand how)
I create skins for my own, sometimes on an existing basic skin, so for the items of my interest I do TEST all functions and behaviour of the parameters, taking good care to keep the original, and only make changes on a copy, so I can always go back to a working one.(you find the change after switch from big skin to minimized skin, and back .Then you see the change( that must be saved of course), so no restart of the radio is needed
Big chance that person selling skins even was not a member of the forum, but he might be as well, since the database and the whole site had a few crashes in the far past, and after the first big crash, members had to sign-up new for the whole accountsbase was lost.( That was jan-01-2010, see member admin signed in on that date after recreation of the whole site)
For now I, nor any other member (in my knowledge) had any contact with the new admin. ( with contact I mean, even no response on mails from our site to admin or the Bestware-board adress) so I even do not know admin speaks/understands english. And to be clear: I have not any connection with the RadioSure system. Only the former admin asked me to keep an eye on the board and keep it clean from advertisers (especially for porn sites and some freaks publishing whole books, or reports about sports-events , in the idea RadioSure is a radiostation where they could advertise for free)
Since the last crash and new arising of the sites, I appeared I had still my MOD-rights, so I am going on with taking care of the forum as much as I can, altough all members can contribute by responding to questions
So my advice, since you have the skin: make a copy of it for safe, and work on a copy and test all items, how they look an how they behave, and you'll be an expert after that :-)
OR you can wait till some other owner of that specific skin can help you out.
edit: after looking at the picture of the skin , My idea is that not the slider is changed, but the effect is just by selection of background / foreground colors for text , Normal/or Bold selection, since the element is LIST, and in all skins I know, there are no parameters between the start of the element and the end of it. In the xml file of Radiosure , there is no line about the listing, and in my knowledge, the list box ( a multiple- choice-field in terms of databases and spreadsheet) is defined in Windows ( and can vary with the windows version), and the slider is alwaays right if the box contains more items than the visible area, otherwise no slider is shown. Maybe you can look if the skin goes along with a special .dll file you have to install, If NOT then it must be just a visual effect of color choices in the list field and maaybe the baackground color of the skin image itself

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 21:31
by Sooln
My skin suits me and i do not know if i would have changed the scroll bar button.
But it's true that at the time (because it's been 4 years since i finished it) i wondered how some had managed to change the appearance of this element. Unfortunately for Vekanoid, i prefer my skin to hers, although she is very pretty, and i do not think i would buy it just to see that.
Also, you see me sorry to know that you have no contact with the new administrator.
It's strange. I hope it does not do you a lot of work here.
At the same time the former administrator could have chosen you as successor. You seem to me much more active.
Would the project be abandoned ? That would be a pity, because of all the radio applications i've tested, it's the best. ^^

Thanks for the link to the Vekanoid page. ;)

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 10 Dec 2019, 02:11
by Jazzfan
My reply was meant for others' interested in pursuing a particular person about their work. You do enough here as it is Fonzy. Thank you.

Such as it is, I stay with RadioSure because it works quite well for my needs. If it was important for me to have features that RS has that don't work, or not at all I would likely still be searching. My favorite radio stations have a website I can stream from, but I'm not interested in eating up bandwidth for pictures and text, I want to listen. Period.

It had occurred to me that should I become rich (and famous?) :lol: I would inquire about buying the program copyright, website, etc. because I would need a hobby to occupy my time as I enjoy an early retirement. :roll:

You are welcome Sooln , I do quite a bit of internet sleuthing and digging through the internet landfill, so it just comes natural.

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 11 Dec 2019, 21:39
by Sooln
Thank you Jazzfan ;)

Do you know if on the site of RADIOSURE an admin always takes care to receive propositions of skins for publications ?

About submitting skins for RadioSure

Posted: 15 Dec 2019, 20:06
by Jazzfan
The admin seemingly no longer bothers to update the website, so no new skins are added to the skins website pages. And apparently there has been no interest in sharing what XML tags are encoded within RadioSure to work with skins.

If you are offering one, you can try attaching it to a message here. I don't know if the forum server has space for files though. Even better, provide a link to it located on the internet. DeviantArt is a great location for this because you can also provide pictures of what it looks like. Or on the cloud (google drive, etc)

Do not use file sharing sites that require someone to sign up, click thru links, or redirects users or has pop-ups to adware or pornography.

Re: How to change the appearance of the scroll bar button ?

Posted: 18 Dec 2019, 23:16
by Sooln
Ok, too bad, thanks again ^^