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Text sizes

Posted: 15 Feb 2021, 23:08
by Antur
I tried to adjust text sizes to be used on smaller screens with higher resolution or for older people with limited sight.
It appears not to be working well.

I tried to enlarge e.g. the <RotatedInfo> and the <SongTitle>. These can be enarged, but the text gets cropped in height and/or width, despite the width or height also was enlarged inside these sections.

The List text cannot be enlarged at all. I tried to add a (missing) <TextSize> tag to the <List> section. It's ignored.
I take it, it does not apply there. (For now ;) ? )

Which rules exist for the different text sizes and and which are the limits regarding possible height and width?

Re: Text sizes

Posted: 16 Feb 2021, 00:34
by Fonzy
for texts the provided cell, must have sufficient height ( and width) to be able to show larger text sizes ' size is not available in each variable. In fact, even not a specific font can be chosen.

Adding "tags" (variables) is NOT possible as I explained. You can create them perfectly, but they are never called from the main program ( that simple it is.... )
A pity that the developers did not offer the choice for a character font. That would give more flexible uses, but for the program and graphics more surprises and possible conflicts

Re: Text sizes

Posted: 16 Feb 2021, 00:56
by Antur
I noticed these text boxes. Therefore I tried to enlarge them for <Rotatedinfo> and <SongTitle>. But it seems there are some hard coded limits I don't know of (yet).