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Über 100 Skins

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Über 100 Skins

Postby ib2412 » 17 Apr 2016, 02:47

Alle meine Skins die ich über Google gefunden habe.
Als 7z gepackt
Inklusive der Skins hier aus dem Forum.
edited by Fonzy: reason: the other links are downloaders , opening various browsersites among them porno etc.
This one is the only I found with direct link / Choose option "save file" and unzip
EDIT : Fonzy
Reason:see next post
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Re: Über 100 Skins (sites update (2018)

Postby Jazzfan » 12 Jan 2018, 05:21 is the only site I was still able to download the file. Directly without using a mirror site or a suspicious downloader site. They all returned a 'file not found message' because it had been removed or expired.

Hope this helps and keeps people from having to search for it. Many of the skins can already be found here on the website.
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