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Hacking Radio Suere?

Hacking Radio Suere?

Postby ib2412 » 31 Dec 2016, 18:35

Ich habe das bei mir im Posteingang von RadioSure gefunden.

Was ist los mit RadioSure kann man das bitte abschalten?

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Re: Hacking Radio Suere?

Postby Fonzy » 01 Jan 2017, 13:00

this ia a very bad way spammers use to spam, by sending PM to members. More members complained already, but we could not ban the bad-member(MichealHycle) until we foud out .
I can ensure this one can not do so anymore, but it is the 3th time such occurs over one year(Maybe the same spammer, making new account each time ,therefore we now ban also the IP of creation membership)
Sorry for the disturbance
Happy new year

(removed links from your quote, otherwise the spammer would have succeeded :-) )
---kann man das bitte abschalten?

Yes: it is up to YOU to admit PM from admin,mods or all users, so do nOT check "from all users", and only admin/mods can send you PM messages
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