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Android ??????????

Posted: 01 Jan 2017, 19:22
by ib2412
bin eben im Google Playstore auf RADIOSURE gesto├čen
Da mi├čbraucht doch nur jemand den Namen oder kommt das wirklich hier aus dir Schmiede? ... diosure100

Re: Android ??????????

Posted: 02 Jan 2017, 23:26
by Cor
Shows RADIO+SHURE, and website related seems not the radiosure we know..
They announce "over 30000 stations", so chance is big, they use the stationsbase of radiosure (they can download each day the updated database, and use for their app)
(Just MY idea :-) )

Re: Android ??????????

Posted: 02 Jan 2017, 23:33
by Fonzy
To be sure of this, we need someone who can install the APP. I have no smartphone or whatever portable, so I cannot see how it works, and if they use same URL's as in our database ...
As I could see (visited site also), the APP should be FREE, or am I wrong ?, so question : is there a PRO version also ? , and so yes - where is license to be payd to ?, or does this work different on smart-devices ?
As I later found the author of that app did steal our database ( or at least the listing sent to RS users).
It is ashame he/she does not even mention using the list that is kept up-to-date by free voluntairs and for RadioSure-the bestware company)
The list is 100% used in the form as provided by RS, including station names,description and URL streams