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Internet Radio Device

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 01:29
by radyocu
Is anybody here using an internet radio device like this one? ... 13293.html

I'm looking for such a device that I can manually add stations from the RadioSure database. Any ideas?

Re: Internet Radio Device

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 12:17
by Fonzy
Yes I have such device, but is uses an internet service to play stations (vtuner), and,you can play own stations, but hard to add.
Of course, I cannot see (or read), the features of this specific device, (mine is a Medion, using vTuner internet service , once payd for included in selling price
For as far as I can see , on trhe advertising site, this device is identical to my Medion (only 3x more expensive !!)
and they do not tell, the internet can only be chosen by an internet provider service like vTuner either .
For my device, I have not been able to tune on a internet station directly (therefore you must have the oportunity to enter an IP and port, wich I did not find the method for in the manual)

Re: Internet Radio Device

Posted: 13 Apr 2019, 17:52
by radyocu
Thanks. I guess those devices aren't very user-friendly in terms of such customization.

Re: Internet Radio Device

Posted: 24 May 2019, 22:14
by Fonzy
Last news from device: as I sayd, it uses vTuner service to select stations. Very recently the radio mentioned (only in English language) that all stations had to be preset again In preferences list, because old urls where no more valid...
Now it comes... the list offered on the hardware device, is not that of the internet website, so a lot of local stations cannot be tuned-in anymore ! I sent a message by mail to vTuner company, but they do not even answer it.
The odd thing, and what I tried to explain to vTuner is, that by just internet browsing all stations are available, bur on hardware, which did pay for the service (at purchase time included, is very clear stated on receipt), there they strip the number of stations....