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Downloading stations database

Posted: 10 Jul 2019, 09:08
by Bushido

Why is the download link gone from
Where the new link is?

Re: Downloading stations database

Posted: 10 Jul 2019, 11:41
by Fonzy
The link is still there (and never was gone....)
Just above the black text
"What radio stations are you listening to? What stati........"
There is the blue text " download ......."
Just click on it :-)

If you do not see that link, then something is wrong with the text-size settings of your browser....(as Ihave experienced myself in the past, on computer browsers)
Try ctrl and minus keys to get smaller text sizes, try other browser...

Re: Downloading stations database

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 18:23
by Bushido
The text-size settings of my browser are fine as I can see all other 3 texts (Click here to add new station. Show pending requests (16). Show published stations.).
If I open in a new tab, then "Download updated stations database (updated on July 11, 2019)." becomes available.
I see 3 empty lines between "Show published stations." and "Download updated stations database (updated on July 11, 2019).". Perhaps these are interrupting the view.

Re: Downloading stations database

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 21:40
by Jazzfan
It appears to me that there are too many <br> (linebreaks) in the HTML code in combination with scripting of font size on the paragraph that follows the download link. But I'm no expert :)

It appears after zoom reduced to 90%. ( Using browsers default font size ), and appears partially hidden under the paragraph at 80%. (I've seen similar pages where HTML links and "pasted" blocks of HTML code defined fonts conflict. Coding XML for RS skins incorrectly also does this...
Capture.PNG (6.97 KiB) Viewed 2578 times
My solution would be to bookmark the download link exclusively at
Of course also bookmarking the station page at a reduced zoom will save it in that reduced zoom, and not affect other tabs too.

I hereby nominate Fonzy as webmaster in 2020.. (for those who follow USA politics) :mrgreen:

Re: Downloading stations database

Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 01:24
by Fonzy
Well, Hummm,
The weird behaviour of that page , occured after the crash of the database and/or forum in december 2018, and restart the whole thing end january 2019, apparently by a new admin/programmer/... how should I call him/her ???
Clearly not and old-and experienced programmer, if we see what happened with the stationsbase as a whole (joining the rejected and deleted base , using an old base (not the last from december 2018) and more things not working,no access, etc, etc
Also the former occasionally contacts (email or PM inside ) could not be used anymore ( no reaction whatsoever on PM's or e-mails to the Bestware. Only we could see he /she has read the messages and did something that was marked as not or wrong working.
To get my MOD -rights back, it had to be a "war", telling I would quit if it had to be going on like that,. Finally things worked as before, but on a whole different manner... so that proves , the old-admin or programmer does not exist anymore.
Your suggestion to place a direct downloadlink on your PC desktop , or as a favorite -link in your browser, is an excellent , brilliant idea !!!:-)
It gives the opportunity to download directly the last rsd file without first opnening your browser on stations ..
There are more drawbacks on those stationspages. If opening edited or created stations , AND if the description is really LOOONG,so the buttons of "approving", "reject" are not reachable anymore , certainly not on a smartphone/tablet. In former versions , the vieuw of stations-site or forum could be choosen between "PC version, or portable (phone/tablet) version. Now the version is fixed for smartphone an fixed on PC. (In the switchable versions, some other screen-features could be set on or off, now it must be taken as it is)

Re: Downloading stations database

Posted: 25 Jul 2019, 22:09
by Jazzfan
Thank you for this explanation to what is happening with the Radiosure website, I will continue offering work arounds where they might be of help.