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virus/trojan ect. - problem with install and running

virus/trojan ect. - problem with install and running

Postby krakadzil » 07 Dec 2015, 11:14

CNET mirror (fast): RadioSure-2.2.1036-setup [5.1 MB] - this link has win32/winwrapper.e - eset endpoint antivirus

Local mirror (slow): RadioSure-2.2.1044-setup [6.3 MB] - this link is stopped by Windows Antimalware service (Win10 1511 Pro)
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Re: virus/trojan ect. - problem with install and running

Postby Fonzy » 07 Dec 2015, 19:03

I just downloaded both versions from the webpage of RadioSure/stations. The version 1036 via cnet, the other 1044 direct (was MUCH faster than the cnet download!)? The ver 1044 comes directly from radiosure, so if that is a "bad site" , you should not be able to visit it ! No ??

I did not get any warnings from my (very good!) antivirus software? So I am thinking the win10 anti-malware is very "over-reacting" (or folowing the policy of MS " only permit software , bought by us, or from vendors/manufacturers who paid us for getting ann "approved for..." label !, we see this already after windows XP. The newer software (OS-es, like Vista, win7,8 and 10) do not install on hardware, that has not an approval (read "paid to MS for getting this approval !) for fitting with Microsoft OS.
Besides this:
I advise to get and install only version 1044, since ver1036 has a bug (not showing pictures related to songs).
PS: Cnet tries to install their own "downloader" for things you find on their webspace. I do not use those services.Cnet would deliver me the version 1042, not the announced 1036 !(is now delivered on My PC, the install file I mean)
To be VERY sure about virusses. I did a dedicated scan on both install files for the radio. NO virusses found!
As I expected: Cnet did not deliver the real install file but a downloader (under the name of Radiosure v221042 !
That is misleading also ! so do not use those links from Cnet !
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