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re register previous Pro version

Posted: 14 Jan 2016, 19:17
by beek
how to re register previous Pro version :?:

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 15 Jan 2016, 02:16
by Fonzy
On the site Radiosure/stations, under "Features"- FAQ, you find below:
8. I’ve lost my registration code – how can I restore it?

You can always locate your registration code here customer-support

(you can click on "here customer support" on the site Radiosure/stations)
If you have a PRO (or had), there is (was) a hidden file ~temp.sys in the main folder where radio was installed; That is the license file(search with tool for deleted files retreival ?), but you can retreive the code too from Plymus, where you bought the license. Visit the link as I mentioned above. I cannot guide You in details , how to retreive the key.( to be straight, I can not find any retreive key on that link...)
(Maybe some other person can here ?? )

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 15 Jan 2016, 11:25
by admin
1. On customer-support page you should click on "If you need support for a purchase, please use our online Shopper Support tool"
2. In the Shopper Support tool click on "If you don't know your Reference number, click here to locate it"
3. Follow further instructions.

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 14:18
by Muziek1975

I regret that I no longer have my key for my purchased pro version. My computer and my mailbox have been completely cleaned up and now the key is also gone.
Could I get my key through the pm again with the administrator? My email address is known to radiosure, that has not changed.

Thanks in advance!

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 20:02
by Fonzy
You can PM directly to admin on this forum, ( chance he/she responds is VERY low), and if you read topics about your problem, then you know you have to visit Plymus website where you payed for the license, and they can send you a duplicate of the purchase confirmation with the key.
What I personal find weird, is that you keep such important documents all the time,only in your mailbox ( or on your PC in general), knowing that by more occasions you can lose your mails, by simply crash or by virus attacks, ransomware attacks, etc. I do use backups, and even manually stored important files and documents on CD or DVD and keep them apart of the pc.
Personal, I do not believe you are that naive ( = read STUPID !) to store only those data in mail or on PC, anyway, you can try the admin..., as we cannot help you. We all are just volunteers keeping the forum contents and the stationsbase in good shape, as long as "TheBestware Co" keeps these websites online that is.... :-)

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 03:06
by Muziek1975

Thanks for your comment. However, I don't know what to do exactly. I registered here because I think I was helped here.
And that it is stupid that I only kept the key in my mailbox .... yes, it is true, but everyone makes the wrong choice. I think I bought the pro version more than 10 years ago. Program also used less frequently in the past few years. And if suddenly your computer cracks, you will find out that unfortunately you have not made a backup. Now I have an app that contains all keys and passwords, only those of RadioSure not yet.
If you do not believe that I have ever bought the pro version, I respect that and I will not bother about it. Then I buy the pro version again. It is almost 10 euros but again, I thought I would be explained here on this forum how I could get my purchased key back. Sorry, but the name Plymus doesn't mean anything to me. I haven't read all the posts here either, have only just been a member here for a day.
Here what I see:
8. I’ve lost my registration code – how can I restore it?
You can always locate your registration code here Customer Support
The webiste: Page Not Found

The page you were trying to reach does not exist.
If this is an error, please contact giving details of the page or link you were trying to access.

So, the website for my question is unavailable....

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 18:12
by Fonzy
You are right, the link to does not work at all, so it is best you contact admin or the board of radiosure. Admin by PM on this site, the board by mail to to be honest, since last restart of RS, I did never get any answer from admin or from the board....., but you can try.
I do think, if bluesnap / plymus does not function, your license is lost, cause I never believe RadioSure itself kept not a base of licensed users (the check on license is total internal in the program itself, reason why it was sometimes marked as virus-containing by some virus checkers in the past.
however the link does not work, Bluesnap can be reached: ( link copieDd from own access)
here you can search for your old orders ( refereced by your email or subscription name ...)
Try this first to avoid waiting forever for admin

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 20:22
by Muziek1975
Thanks for your help Fonzy.
I'm not going to do all those steps. It's my mistake and there is little chance that I will still get the code.
Now I wanted to buy a new pro version and when I finalize to order nothing happens. Even when I press the Paypal button. I am not being taken to the payment site. All in all not hopeful. I will try again next month otherwise I will continue to use the free version. I read this when I want to pay: The page you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. This may be due to a scheduled maintenance, please try again later.

I have now tried with iDeal and it worked!
The Pro version is also installed on my computer.

I have 2 more questions:
1) Is RadioSure still active? Version 2.2 is years old right?

2) Does album art still exist? I always found a nice addition. Activated in the settings. I have version 2.2.1046.0.

Thanks & greetings.

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 00:38
by Fonzy
Radiosure is not active, if you mean by active " does someone work on the software " but notice the following:
- be sure to download ver 2.2.1046, otherwise you cannot play HLS files (m3u8 extension)
- Pay attention to choose a bitrate (128 Kb/s) in recording option: do NOT choose (leave) on AUTO, since then your records are empty = bug since ver 1046
- Artwork and other features still DO NOT WORK, for the google-api for it ceased to work ( since dispute with google behaviour few years ago... google blocked that api)
After setup radiosure, do download instantly the rds file from stations site , since the rds file included in the install is a limited and very old /outdated file
General: the ver 2.2.1046 is a few years old..., meanwhile RS had a crash on its websites, was a few months total gone, and suddenly appeared back, with more very weird behaviour... clearly a new admin or board IT man/woman, who was not aware of the normal functions of the whole thing.., so after a day, suddenly all databases (active/rejected/deleted) where merged together, causing major problems and hilarity among the users and volunteers for the stations base. I did many times contacted admin ( by e-mail, for never answer on PM), and so one by one the problems where solved. The problems where that big , that on a certain moment , users asked "how to prevent the stations on their pc to be updated automatically"
Those problems are solved now, although many things are not solved, like the album-art, like the list of countries in the stationsbase, when creating stations, etc.

Re: re register previous Pro version

Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 02:32
by Muziek1975
Thanks again Fonzy.

Hope that RadioSure will be updated again in the future because it's a nice (record)player.