Highlight of active station

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Highlight of active station

Post by usr2412r » 25 Aug 2016, 22:29

Please add any marker or highlight playing station possibility. its really hard to find current station if you scrolled far down

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Re: Highlight of active station

Post by Fonzy » 25 Aug 2016, 23:06

You are right it is difficult to find your choosen station again, however, to highlight the choosen station , can be done in the skins (list, highlight colors= now the same as normal text colors), e.g, change the second group numbers to different(255,255,0,0), and you get (in my skin fonzy4) red chareacters, and the choosen line boxed in same color (for the same reason, I had changed the colors already)
This is only a half solution, because, if you right click on a line , that is highlighted, but does not play. The highlight stays as long as you keep the radio open. If you close the radio and reopen, the last station does play(is kept in the RadioSure.xml file), but the playing station is not highlighted. There is the problem and the solution: the radio should highlight te playing station described in the xml file, so the next start of the radio, the choosen station is shown ( also in this solution, different colors have to be set for normal and for highlight, so the skins have to be adapted anyway)
Tip: of you restart the radio, station last played will play. To know wich station it was, rightclick on body and choose "details", and you get the detailspage of the playing station, name on top.
Let us hope the admin parses this question to the programmers ! (to be honest, admin does not show up on the forum very often !)

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