changing between the added radio stations takes too long.

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changing between the added radio stations takes too long.

Post by Büroklammeraffe » 08 Mar 2020, 17:24

Hello, I have heard my captured radio streams so far with Gom Audio, in which I very much appreciate the short delay time of only about 500ms until the audio signal of the selected radio stream.

There's something about on the Radio Sure website
* HLS (m3u8) support added

By default, Gom Audio also saves the playlist as (.m3u8), where (.m3u) should be the "GOM Audio File". But also as (.pls) or (.asx) everything works pretty quickly.

I would like to buy Radio Sure pro because of the darker skins and of course the recording function. And 10 euros is a good price to cling to something: D.


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Re: changing between the added radio stations takes too long.

Post by Fonzy » 08 Mar 2020, 22:12

First of all, You do not have to pay for RadioSure, You can use it free (with some features not available) Only a license to make it PRO for unlocking some extra's needs a license.
If you add a station immediately to radio sure, it plays directly ( supposed you give the right working stream-url, and delay depending on your internet connection, so must comparable with other apps)
For adding a station ( or changing an existing one that not works, but you have the working stream to correct) in the general database (so is available to all users) then you just use the radiosure\stations site, create an account ( can be same user as this one, even same password, but must be created there first)create or edit an existing station, then the edited or created station goes to the " pending" section to wait for approval by someone authorised to do so, and the next day you can download the updated stationslist for radiosure (automatic every day updated for pro-license holders, and if radio active on pc connected to internet) free users are updated every week (or few days longer that that)
For using HLS streams, no problem, but be sure you install version2.2.1046, since that is the only version supporting HLS. That version has a bug, for recordings: do not set bitrate to auto ( set at install time), but choose a value , e.g. 128 kb, else you record empty stream.
Dark skin: you can choose skin or create a skin (or modify a skin) at own wish for Radio Sure. There exist free skins and paid-skins...

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