Adding police radio scanners

Here we can discuss radio stations which we are listening to.
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Adding police radio scanners

Post by scooterbird » 10 Sep 2021, 09:31

Some police radio scanners are online, and I've tried to add them - then the URL gets changed to something else. Is there a reliable source for scanners?

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Re: Adding police radio scanners

Post by Jazzfan » 16 Sep 2021, 18:43

scooterbird wrote:
10 Sep 2021, 09:31
[police radio scanners are online .. the URL gets changed .. Is there a reliable source]
I searched the volunteers' database and find that there is a radio network for Air Traffic Control towers worldwide (generally U.S. locations), but no police, fire, railroad, etc. I have listened to various 'first responders' with Scanner apps on Android though. A Google search shows there are websites devoted to this, and even some well known sites, but a look in the webpage code for the URL for the scanner feed didn't help. (I am not as skilled as others here at finding the feed URL) One site I looked at will sell you the actual URL for the feed by setting up a paid account. :(

I don't think a scanner feed would be accepted here as a viable 'station' so once found you would want to save it to your personal station database.

There is a push to encrypt radio frequencies and some already are encrypted to protect the "first responders" from those who would use the feed to attack these agencies.

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