Can't install

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Can't install

Post by Pepo » 06 Dec 2015, 01:03

I have ran an application to search for spyware, trojans, etc (SpyHunter). After that, never more can open RadioSure! If I want to reinstall it, appears "Previous version of RadioSure is still running. Please stop it and press OK", but anything is running. Neither let me uninstall it because "Previous version..."
After restart the PC, the issue continues. I have erase the folder and cleaned the registry, but "Previous version..."
What can I do to fix it?

Thank you very much

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Re: Can't install

Post by Fonzy » 06 Dec 2015, 01:32

You can bed on it, Spyhunter has blocked your radio sure (execution, or blocking the GUI for display), so search in your spyhunter for rules or quarantaines, and remove radio sure from the list
Personally , I do not like those "promising" programs for spyware removal. Better run a good anti-virus and a good firewall (or supplementory something like a "antilogger (semana), and always lock your firewall for acting as a server !!!, no normal program needs to act as a server (unless you run a server for broadcasting on your local network or on internet.)
I do not say "there do not exist good spyware searchers /removers, but if they work with blocking things , without warning or explanations ...???-- Just a good warning is sufficient for You, then you can decide to keep or uninstall suspicious programs)
** removing or unistalling spyhunter programm , does not surely bring your program to work , since the RS player can be "redirected" internal in your windows, and that can be stored in your registry-keys, so it may not be THE solution..., so better find the rule(s) that is(are) made, and remove them(and restart pc)
success !

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