Please add "Network" setting to command line parameters

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Please add "Network" setting to command line parameters

Post by eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 20 Nov 2016, 04:43

Please add Proxy settings

/Server =

Sometimes a specific proxy is required to connect to a specific stream.
Easy to implement and very helpful to users! PLEASE

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Re: Please add "Network" setting to command line parameters

Post by Fonzy » 20 Nov 2016, 18:09

If you set those parameters in radio, then after starting the radio with command line, those will be applied.
I cannot imagine that for each station to listen to, you need different proxy and pasword settings !!??
(unless you want to use the radio as PRO without license !, by putting the "only pro" parameters in a command line)
If realy PRO user, then you can install different radiosure players as portable, in different maps, and give each of them a different proxy and password for it
( as portable, all files are in one folder, also the settings radiosure.xml, where the proxy is stored)
Then you can call the right version in the folder with the right proxy settings.
Of course You need the license to get all installs act as PRO version
So for the odd users who need more than one proxy, there is a solution other then programming changes.

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Re: Please add "Network" setting to command line parameters

Post by eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 05 Jun 2017, 23:21

Thank you, Fonzy. I really am a PRO user.

Here is why we need different proxy settings for different stations (it is sometime you may have encountered when approving my updates). Some stations geoblock - they use whitelists and/or blacklists to limit listeners by geographic area. For example, CFNY geoblocks listeners from the United States but not other countries. May stations in the United States block listeners outside the United States. Nearly all of this is due to content providers not wanting competition and licensing music and sports differently to different countries. Music is the worst. It is almost impossible to find podcasts of music and when you do, it is nearly always new artists trying to break into the business. No where in the world can you find a podcast of Beatles tunes.

Having said that, if you google "proxy" or "free proxy" you will find a list of proxies you can use to stream music or watch videos. You do not need a VPN, only a proxy to do so. It is possible to use one of those proxies for your entire PC or even your entire network, but it is not safe - you don't know who is running them and would not want to do your on-line banking through one of them. They are perfectly find for a music app such as radio sure. (Note: and example of a site listing free proxy servers by country is there are many other sites listing many other free proxy servers as well)

Thank you for your suggestion for different portable installations. I may try that. It should work. I use radio sure with the Windows "Task Scheduler" to record streams so that I can listen to them as podcasts. I want to use the proxy only for certain recordings and not others.

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