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Scheduling recordings with RadioSure

All questions about using RadioSure.

Scheduling recordings with RadioSure

Postby eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 23 Feb 2018, 02:04

New users may not know that they can set up recordings with RadioSure similar to setting up recordings with a DVR. You can set up a one time recording at a future date /time or a periodic one that repeats every day, month, year or some other time period.

The way to do it is with the Windows Task Scheduler: ... ask-wizard

It is not that hard do to, and once you set up one, you can export it and then reimport it as your template for setting up new recordings. I'd share one that I exported but I don't think this forum supports that as a file type.

The trick is on the line where you launch RadioSure, you have to explicitly provide the stream of the station that you want RadioSure to play, you do not select the station, you specify the stream itself.
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Re: Scheduling recordings with RadioSure

Postby Fonzy » 24 Feb 2018, 18:20

More about "the trick"
If you choose a stream, do NOT choose an "ogg" stream (not better than any other 128K stream), because your recordings are then "Untitled.mp3,Untitled (1).mp3, (2) etc" because OGG decoding does not support metadata (say: information about the song playing at that time)
So choose any M3u,Mp3,... extension other than .ogg

About planning in sheduler of Windows:
You can as well make batch files with the command string, and let the sheduler simply execute the batch file in appropriate times , as batch files (flat .txt files ) are very simple and easy to create and copy, modify, etc. Only see that the extension is .bat at the end or before to use...
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Re: Scheduling recordings with RadioSure

Postby eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 28 Feb 2018, 19:04

That tip regarding "ogg" is a good one. I did not know that.

Batch files are an option and will work. I prefer not to keep everything in one place rather than having it split between the Windows Task Scheduler and the batch file. I created a new directory for RadioSure Tasks in the Task Scheduler. The individual task in the scheduler has the same information as the batch file - there is a piece that is constant and specifies where you have installed RadioSure. There is a second piece that is the same arguments you would use in a batch file (the /source=(source URL) /record /mute /hidden /duration=(minutes) /filename=(destinationfile) )
RS task- edit action.jpg
This shows the task information in two parts - the location of where you installed RadioSure and the options you want for your individual recording.
RS task- edit action.jpg (39.71 KiB) Viewed 1946 times
RS- TaskScheduler.jpg
This shows the RadioSure directory and Radio Sure tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler that I created
RS- TaskScheduler.jpg (263.35 KiB) Viewed 1946 times
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