Radiosure gone! disappeared!

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Radiosure gone! disappeared!

Post by brackmann » 12 Apr 2019, 00:52

When I open radiosure, it appears to me that it opens "outside" my actual screen.
How do I reset the x,y position of the application?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Radiosure gone! disappeared!

Post by Fonzy » 12 Apr 2019, 01:20

You can do so , by editing the radiosure.xml file, which begins with
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <XMLConfigSettings>
- <General>
- <LastPlayed>
<Title>Zintzilik Irratia</Title>
-[b] <Window>
- <Collapsed>
- <Expanded>
just edit the x and y position numbers for expanded (full view) and Collapsed ( little view without the stationslist)
Save the file, and restart radiosure
Success :-)
PS: be sure the folder of Radiosure is writable !, Did this fenomenon happen after resizing the display propêrties of your computer ?

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