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initialization Problems

Please discuss here all the defects you've found in the RadioSure.

initialization Problems

Postby DeLino » 22 Mar 2018, 05:11


I've been listening to RadioSure Player in the Pro version for several weeks now

since I just get the following error message when I want to start the player ''initialization completed'' and no matter which station I click, I get the error message ''Cannot initialize''

The Stations are Up to Date (03.21.2018)

can someone help me please ?

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Re: initialization Problems

Postby Fonzy » 22 Mar 2018, 13:28

Looks like you installed in a protected folder.

Install (again) as portable, in a map that is surely not write protected

You state" using the radio for weeks as pro"
How is that possible if radio cannot initialize ( I get not a message about initializing at start-up from my radio...) Witch version installed of Radio Sure, witch Operating system ?
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