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Post Radio Station

Postby OCTalkRadio » 27 Apr 2018, 23:47

Please add our station,, to your lineup. If listed, we will tell our audience to use your app and find us there. Our actual stream address is:

Please email when you've added our station. We are an online business radio station serving our Southern California community.
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Re: Post Radio Station

Postby Fonzy » 28 Apr 2018, 07:53

Your station has already been added,a few days ago.
Note, it takes a day of two for pro-users and more than a week for free users of RadioSure before they get the stationlist updated. You can manually update your list from download it , at : ,below the page is a link for download latest list in ZIP format.
Radiosure has no app for portables,so what you tell your listeners is up to you.
Radiosure is a computerprogram for windows OS only, is free to use, but has extra features if you go PRO ( that is pay for a lifetime license at 10$)
To be honest, certain features are not working anymore like relevant pictures you can see with songs.
A bug exist in recording options,- the auto-bitrate does not work anymore since the implementation of the HLS codings (m3u8 streams ), but can be overcome by selecting a bitrate e.g.128- kb for Mp3 coding of the recordings.
An admin we did not see on the forum since 2017-april, so fixing bugs is ????, but we carry on with volunteers for the stations-base, and keeping clear the forum from advertisers not related to radio or radioSure issues..
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Re: Post Radio Station

Postby Kriz » 08 May 2018, 15:27

You're doing an amazing work, Fonzy. Just had to say that. Long time lurker here.
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