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Cant register

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Cant register

Postby OCTalkRadio » 05 May 2018, 23:07

Tried registering on your Wordpress site to add our station to your database. Said to "check my email" but nothing ever arrived. Not in my inbox OR junk mail folders. Tried again. Said "you're already registered". Tried signing in...not allowed. What's the problem? Even tried with my other email and same thing. Anyone here to help? Just want to add our station, to your directory. Stream address is Is there anyone here to help?
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Re: Cant register

Postby Fonzy » 06 May 2018, 00:27

To enter the stationsbase , for adding, aditing or deleting, you should make an account on the stationsbase.
The accountname can be the same as for the forum, and even the password can be the same, BUT YOU MUST FIRST MAKE AN ACCOUNT THERE. (this is what you did , If I understand it right)
If you are trying to login at wordpress (URL: ), and there is the message you are already logged in , showing you in the right-upmost corner, then you can go to http://www.radiosure/stations, and add new, edit existing or put to delete some station of the list.

If you are trying to login, be sure to check "remember me" box before submit login, then go to stations.
If you arrive there, you see your name in right uppermost corner, above the actual page
Receiving no email of creating account ???, can be , If you try to re-create , saying "already having account, then it exists
Note: You should login with your account name and password, not with an email (unless you used a email as name??, but don't know if that is alowed)
OC Talk Radio, is in the listing of May-05-2018, (downloaded from stations site)
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