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Record a regularly scheduled program

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Record a regularly scheduled program

Postby wrossAustin » 07 Sep 2018, 20:22

This is similar to the "add a timer" topic, but different enough for a new thread:

I want to record a program that occurs every Friday night on KUTX (Left of the dial) from 7:00 PM Central (19:00) to 11:00 PM, a 4 hour program

Perhaps I can use a command line script (batch file) to perform this as a work around, but I am suggesting having a feature with the ability to schedule recordings (and direct the recording to a specific named folder/files)

Why don't any of these programs (including your competitors) have this basic feature that was included in every basic VCR recorder for 50 years? :?

What do you think? It would make the premium version much more valuable, and be a competition killer! :shock:

Thank you!
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Re: Record a regularly scheduled program

Postby Fonzy » 07 Sep 2018, 20:54

to be honest... I do not believe anything ever change to the existing version...
Even defects will not be fixed since over a year, - admin did not show since more than 1 year (from April 2017 precisely)
The most simple solution is to shedulle a task for the time and use a command-line text for the radio parameters
- ?? competitors ?? are there any ??, Radiosure is the only free radio-player for windows with a database that is worked on by volunteers (even that database is stolen to use in a APP for smartphones (radiosure+), but not regulary updated. I did test the app and found it using a very old stations-file from Radiosure (easy prove it was a copy, on the comments on some stations)
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