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Geoblocked USA

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Geoblocked USA

Postby paradigm » 09 Sep 2018, 17:19


I am in the UK, and some geoblocked RadioSure stations, e.g.:
DI.FM - Vocal Chillout (Geoblocked USA)

do not play when accessed through a USA server (Atlanta - Mountain) via my VPN?
Can anyone suggest what might be wrong and is there a way round?
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Re: Geoblocked USA

Postby Fonzy » 09 Sep 2018, 21:12

Try anonymous proxies, and yes,some will not work, if the server can detect the user from outside, so try a few proxies
To play with Radiosure , You have to put a proxy in the settings (options), and obvious, you need a licensed version for it (only Pro can set proxies)
It is NOT so, if you use a proxy in general for your browser, that Radiosure automatically use that connection, NO, RS works independant from your browser.
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Re: Geoblocked USA

Postby paradigm » 11 Sep 2018, 00:50

Thanks Fonzy,
Yes, I must try out the anonymous proxy facility within RadioSure. I tried a VPN service which made my external IP look as if I was based in the USA (for all applications) rather than a simple browser add-on. Perhaps the station was somehow able to detect that a VPN was being used?
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