No updating in Windows 10

Please discuss here all the defects you've found in the RadioSure.
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No updating in Windows 10

Post by inbo » 02 Nov 2014, 06:22

I've been using RadioSure in several windows versions and it always worked great. However, in Windows 10 Preview the app doesn't seem to get the song properly (I'm listening mostly to Groove Salad, but it doesn't get the song in other radio stations either). This creates a number of empty notifications and also prevents the "record one song only" feature from working.

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Re: No updating in Windows 10

Post by Fonzy » 04 Nov 2014, 02:45

Using Windows 10 already Huh !!!

Well, I have not seen anything of win-10, but I suggest to look for options as " run as .... (older version of windows), or "run in compatibility mode ..."and select then windows XP as an example
Maybe look also to firewalls (blocking the RS programm) Try to disable firewall (temporarely) ans see if RS now receives stations....

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