Fusion White & Black (light and dark)

Fusion White & Black (light and dark) contains 2 brand new 3d looking premium skins.

This skin has it all, Illuminating buttons in collapse mode, Curved volume button that fits into the rest of the skin design., Animated mouseover buttons with spotlight indicator  in expanded mode, The way the spectrum looks fits elegantly to the rest of the skin. Large fonts, Sleek 3d design.

These elegant skins, for just $4,99!

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  1. Dear Lugo,

    Thanks for noticing. I re-uploaded the correct version to Plimus and also send the correct version to you and the rest.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, enjyoy your skins.

    Ciao oOfmanOo

  2. Solution change line 9 of the light “skin2.rsn”
    from “Tuner-Carbonfiber.png”
    to “Fusion_big.png”
    Please can you resend a correct zip to me? 🙂


  3. The light skin doesn’t work for me when maximized.
    I can see only a white window with only the skinned buttons….

  4. The link to buy the skin doesn’t work!

    Sorry fixed it, it will work now. 😉