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imagesby Niamh Lynch

RadioSure is a neat radio app that will open up a world of new music. This great little tool is now in its 2nd version, and it just keeps getting better!

RadioSure allows you to browse through a huge variety of stations, sorting by language, country, genre and title. You can also add new stations and toggle a variety of configuration settings that run from enabling hotkeys to recording radio. There are various ways of listen to RadioSure – via the main interface, minimized to a smaller bar, or minimized completely to the taskbar. The taskbar option will let you carry out the majority of actions you need by right-clicking.

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  1. Trés bon logiciel, simple d’utilisation, bonne enregistrement, que du bon, toutefois pourrait on rallonger la liste des favoris qui est limitée;

  2. Sem duvida uns dos melhores programas pra ouvir radio ! Sensacional, muito bom , mesmo !! ! !!

  3. Absolument génial ! A emporter avec soi sur une île déserte. 🙂 ²
    Programme encore mieux que *****
    Félicitations et remerciements aux créateurs.
    J’achète la version pro !