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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000391 bugmajornew2018-07-09What happen that there is no Russian Radio Stations??
  0000390 bugtextnew2018-02-02Classic FM Netherlands audiofeed(s) werkt niet.
  00003821bugcrashnew2017-04-13Hitradio rt1 Nordschwaben
  00003851bugmajornew2017-04-13Can't play this station
  0000389 bugminornew2017-04-13[Website] Character support on bug report text editor
  00002683bugfeaturefeedback (administrator)2017-04-13Can't save favorites
  0000388 bugmajornew2016-11-12Screwed up RadiSure listing
  0000386 bugmajornew2016-06-24Unable to initialize / Initialisation impossible
  0000384 bugminornew2016-02-13Radiosure reported as malware
  0000383 localizationtweaknew2016-01-27EXA FM 95.7
  0000381 featuremajornew2016-01-17cant retrive registration number
  00003781bugmajornew2016-01-02Radiosure stops responding after stations are updated
  0000380 bugfeaturenew2015-10-08RadioSure loses recording out of system standby
  0000379 bugminornew2015-09-08CADENA SER - Zaragoza no longer works
  0000377 bugblocknew2015-07-13Cannnot connect to a certain station from 2 weeks ago.
  0000376 bugfeaturenew2015-07-04Radio 538 no longer working
  0000375 featureminornew2015-04-082.2.1042.0 'Radiotunes vocal chillout' not available on Radiosure
  0000374 featureminornew2015-03-28What is summary?
  0000373 newage play from online station only
  00002074featureminornew2014-08-11Suggestion: Have FOUND, FAVORITES and HISTORY lists use SAME window.
  0000372 localizationblocknew2014-06-24Joefm doesn't work anymore
  0000370 bugminornew2014-05-24Helloo
  0000369 bugcrashnew2014-04-25DELUXE RADIO DOES NOTWORK
  0000368 featuremajornew2014-03-03Almost all stations desappeared
  00003652bugminorresolved (administrator)2010-06-08Exiting and restarting changes my screen position.
  00001021featureminornew2010-06-06Parametrized red dot recording indicator based on the skin
  0000258 featurefeatureresolved (administrator)2010-06-06Add view so all Favorites can be shown on screen at the same time
  0000361 featureminornew2010-06-06Radom Selection Function
  0000355 featuremajornew2010-06-06Don't record advertisement (less than particular duration)
  00003671localizationminorresolved (administrator)2010-06-06Dutch localization updated
  00001281featurefeaturenew2010-06-04Save columns order and width in Station List
  00003313featurefeatureresolved (administrator)2010-05-22Ability to choose file name for recordings
  0000345 bugmajorresolved (administrator)2010-05-22320kbps MP3 stream identified as WMA
  00001971bugminorresolved (administrator)2010-05-17Recording at reconnect
  0000256 featuretweakresolved (administrator)2010-05-13Option to prevent minimizing to tray / add Windows 7 jumplist
  0000306 bugminorresolved (administrator)2010-05-10Window position on secondary monitor not restored properly
  00003641localizationmajorresolved (administrator)2010-05-06Greek translation
  0000346 featuremajorresolved (administrator)2010-05-05Automatically update stations database
  00003571featuretextresolved (administrator)2010-04-29Can you please make dates 2010-Mar-04 for we stupiod Americans?
  0000045 featuremajorresolved (administrator)2010-04-24Support ID3v1 tags for recordings
  00003621bugmajorresolved (administrator)2010-04-14scheduled record fails, "Recording stopped due to unexpected error."
  0000360 bugmajorresolved (administrator)2010-04-10& (&) char is deleted from the source URL
  0000136 featuretextresolved (administrator)2010-04-07Parameter for text align in skins
  00002245bugmajorresolved (administrator)2010-04-05Station list no longer displays in test ver .878
  00003591localizationminorresolved (administrator)2010-03-28cannot connect Planet Rock (UK) / Classic 21 (Belgium)
  0000276 bugmajorresolved (administrator)2010-03-28Options Settings Not Working - Skins, check for new version, audio device
  00003562bugmajorresolved (administrator)2010-03-19Stations list is unsorted and way too huge
  00003581localizationminorresolved (administrator)2010-03-18dutch localization updated
  00001153featurefeatureresolved (administrator)2010-03-13Updater for stations / Station sharing
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