Neo Radio Skin


Neo Radio

Neo Radio skin from Fman!

Cool glowing buttons, see true volume button, with a gradient volume background and of course expanded and collapsed views. Clear interface build for the latest version of RadioSure.

The Price is just as low as $1.99

Click here to buy the skin: Buy Now!

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15 thoughts on “Neo Radio Skin

  1. I mean, okay you erased my last comment, but if it’s to help the project is okay, but if is for make $$$ from theessee… =/… It’s a great theme i mean, in the images… But don’t commercialize this great app.

  2. Half to author of skin – half to RadioSure staff. That’s similar like donation, so it’s not so bad selling for so small amount… That’s inspiration for more good skins and for increase quality of program and skins…

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  4. I bought this skin once before and it is really worth it. Hey guys, everybody has rights over his works. We are even lucky they are offering it for barely $2; what’s that for your big business?

    But just like others, i would also appreciate it when you offer this skin for free, yet I don’t have the right to object. Basically because I am enjoying it now. thanks, anyway.

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