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  1. Hello again Harc

    When I move the mouse pointer over the skin, I do get the text bubbles now but I have to click on the skin somewhere first which is the normal Windows behavior so disregard point point 1 above. Sorry about that.

    Also forgot to mention that I like the tapered 3D metal look for the border.


  2. Hi Harc

    Love the beauty and the clarity of the orange text on dark background and the layout. Great job.

    1. show text to name function when mouse pointer passes over the buttons
    2. the search text box is a bit too small
    3. might want O F order of buttons as F O can be seen as a naughty shortform in English 🙂
    4.URL shown in blue on blue not very easy to read

    Overall a very attractive and functional skin which I like a lot and is now my skin of choice. Thank you.

    I do too like the fact that it is FREE too.