Connect To Radio Stations on The Internet From Any Computer with RadioSure

Nice review from MakeUseOf.Com



I have loads of portable software not only on my USB drive, but also on my PC. There’s something uncomplicated about them. While video and mp3 takes over our senses, we forget that the listening experience of radio is still a part of the airwaves; or the digital waves that makes up the internet.

As I listen to Jazz guitarist Peter White in the background, let me introduce you to RadioSure. RadioSure (ver.2.0.886 ) is an internet radio player and a really cool and simple one at that. This attribute along with its unzipped size of 4.57 MB makes it a great media software to include in your portable apps lineup.


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Real_One skin


Interesting skin found here.

Der eigentliche Grund für diesen Beitrag ist aber eigentlich ein anderer. Und zwar könnt ihr über Caschy einen Premium-Skin herunterladen, der normalerweise 1,99$ kosten würde. Der Designer heißt Eric und hat den Skin kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt. Wer keinen besonderen Wert auf RadioSure’s Aussehen legt, sondern mehr auf die “inneren Werte”, in Form von Funktionalität, achtet, der darf auch beim alten Standard-Design bleiben. More...

Download: Real_One Skin (8697) - 96.86 KB

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Mayan Mistery Skin

Mayan Mistery

Mayan Mistery

Submitted by Alejandro Luisi.

This is my first skin. Inspired by the sacred fire of the Mayan culture. Hope you like.

Spanish: Esta es mi primera skin. Inspirada en el fuego sagrado de la cultura Maya. Espero que les guste.


From Admin: Don’t hesitate to create your own skins! It’s very simple – all you need to do is to draw pictures and edit template file! No programming skills required! 😉

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CNET editors’ review

Reviewed by: CNET staff on June 24, 2009

RadioSure allows users to tune into radio stations from around the globe and even record their favorite programs. With a simple interface and excellent performance, this was a surprising and fun download.

The program’s interface is incredibly simple, though possibly overwhelming at first. All 12,000 of the radio stations are listed, with a traditional media player layout at the bottom. While we would have liked to see better ways to filter the stations, the search menu did a great job of narrowing our queries to specific programs, stations, and cities we were looking for. Continue…

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Stations Database is open now!

We are glad to announce that Radio Stations Database Management System is ready! It’s in beta phase yet but newertheless we all now can participate in building stations databse.

Please go here and add, delete or edit stations right inside the database.

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Tuner collection



I finished another skin called Tuner.  You will notice that there are more textures used in this skin. I also appended the spectrum with a 3d looking spectrum. One of the new type of pressed button effects I introduced in this skin is the slide effect of the collapse button.  I tried to keep the collapse state with only the essential buttons (exit, expand, volume, record, favorite and play/stop). You will also notice that when you press record the rec text will appear in the display when your in the collapse state. I created four (4)  Tuner skins with different textures (the original, wood, carbon fiber and mosaic)

The price is 2.99


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