RadioSure 2.0 is rolled out!

Version 2.0 is out! A lot of new features inside!

What we have now? 

  • Skin system – now we can create plenty of beautiful skins of any kind! 
  • Now you able to expand and collapse the main window (if supported by skin)!
  • And you can use Global Hot Key to controll RadioSure even working in another application!


What else?… Find it out youself! 😉


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“Smooth Operator” skin

Smooth Operator

I present to You “Smooth Operator” skin for RadioSure. You can see it and comment in my gallery on or here on RadioSure site. This one is for free, cause it’s my first serious work on skinning RadioSure program.

© Some rights reserved. Please do not modify without permission.


last update: 09.01.2011.

Skin is for RadioSure version 2.2 or newer. Enjoy ;)

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New stable release 1.8.820 is out

Even having financial crisis walking around the world we are to present new version of RadioSure! 

We have now a bit better “skin” and we also have equalizer now! Those who has CPU without SSE instructions and who got “ERROR Cannot Set Timers” now can forget about it (a lot of thanks to mr.Dwayne who helps to sort this out)!

And more to follow! Thanks for donations, people! 🙂


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