RadioSure 2.0 is rolled out!

Version 2.0 is out! A lot of new features inside!

What we have now? 

  • Skin system – now we can create plenty of beautiful skins of any kind! 
  • Now you able to expand and collapse the main window (if supported by skin)!
  • And you can use Global Hot Key to controll RadioSure even working in another application!


What else?… Find it out youself! 😉


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  1. Hey an advice: don’t listen to what some people say

    your superb application will begin to be like adode reader or windows vista !

    just focus on stability and efficiency 😉

    yours truly

  2. Hello my friend and thank you a lot for your great radio player =p

    please tell me

    What is the difference between the portable version and the installer one (more stable) ?

    In fact, the hard drive is more noisy with the portable version

    ps: there is a gui bug in the latest 2.0 version when i try to rezise a column and the language selection doesnt remain after closing the app (ho and the help pop up is in russian also)

    Best wishes for further development

    Im from France too xD

  3. DSP Plugins :
    is there any plans to put DSP plugins support? because web radio sounds bad, but with some DSP like Ozone it can be greatly improved

    Yep, most likely. But not in nearest versions.

  4. Hey guys, great achievement, this RadioSure is an everyday companion! Keep on the good work!
    Greetings from France 🙂