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Title6EBA 95.3 FM Perth, WA
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DescriptionOur station, 6EBA is part of the Australia wide community broadcasting sector which is recognised internationally as one of the most successful examples of grass roots media. Community broadcasting provides news, information, cultural content and entertainment to communities defined by geographical location or common interest. The diversity of program content available through community broadcasting, particularly specialist Ethnic, Indigenous, Radio for the Print Handicapped (RPH) services, broadens the media choices available to all Australians. Community media distinguishes itself from other media by actively promoting access and participation in the processes of media operations, administration and production. Community broadcasting is volunteer driven with over 20,000 volunteer broadcasters and support staff helping to deliver media 'for the people by the people'. The sector provides invaluable opportunities for community access, participation, training, experimentation and innovation in radio and tel
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Original Station 78941

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