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Radio Gold 101.3 FM  
https://www.facebook.com/Gold101.3fm/ https://twitter.com/gold1013fm Launched on May 9, 2010 Channel 4 Radio Network, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Music, Fun, Entertainment, Updates and more! This is the OFFICIAL FB Page for Gold 101.3 FM - the leading Malayalam FM radio station here in the UAE That’s what Gold 101.3 FM is all about... A Malayalam FM Radio station [a part of the Channel 4 Radio Network] for all those who love music and love having fun even more! If you stay in the U.A.E. just tune your radio sets to 101.3 FM. For everyone else there’s live streaming on our website www.gold1013fm.com Gold 101.3 FM with its huge collection of Malayalam and Tamil songs, and rocking DJs is the best company you can have, be it home, office or even during your long drives 
United Arab Emirates  
http://m.gold1013fm.com/ new sources. currently not streaming - try again in 3 weeks  
2019-09-13 19:56:29  

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