Sapphire skin v3


Very good looking skin from Sergey. Thank you!


Skin: 448х305
Skin: 570х305
Mini skin: 660х20
Mini skin: 448х48
Mini skin: 448х38

Download for Win7: Dark, Red, Grey

Download for Win XP: Dark, Red, Grey

more backgrounds addon
Win 7
Win XP

(Contains two zip archives for Win 7 and for Win XP, they include backgrounds with different sizes for big and mini skins 570х305; 448х305; 660х20; 448х48; 448х38 and there is more than color palette. You can easily change default skin dark, red or grey to that that you like (see video instruction)).

В начале нужно загрузить *(dark), (red) or (grey) Дополнительные фоны находятся в Win и Win из этих папок можно устанавливать ТОЛЬКО после того как вы установили полный скин (dark), (red) or (grey) т.к. в этих папках находится только bg1 и bg2. Все установки происходят простым перетаскиванием в окно RadioSure (смотри видео инструкцию).

In the beginning it is necessary to load * (dark), (red) or (gray) Additional backgrounds are in Win and Win from these folders it is possible to establish ONLY after you have established full skin (dark), (red) or (gray) since in these folders is only bg1 and bg2. All installations occur simple dragging in window RadioSure (look video instruction).

Video instruction:
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