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  1. New metal radio: MedlMix Radio – CZ & SK METAL

    Czech and Slovak metal scene only…
    Root, Master’s Hammer, Kryptor, Debustrol, Ador Dorath, Ethereal Pandemonium, Hecate, Orkrist, Törr, Endless, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Cales, Adultery, Cruadalach, Memoria, Galadriel, Concubia Nocte, Morgain, Desire For Sorrow, Dysanchely, Hromovlad, Inner Fear, Lunatic Gods and many more…
    Thanks for sharing…

    Title = MedlMix Radio – CZ & SK METAL
    Description: Czech and Slovak metal scene
    Genre = metal
    Country = Czech Republic (Czechia)
    URL =
    mp3, 128 kbps

  2. ah, forgot some stuff… whoops!
    location: US
    Description: The best alternative and rock music from the 90’s to today!