What radio stations are you listening to? What stations would you recommend? Share with others your favorite stations. I know there are a lot of stations around the world – let’s recommend good stations among our community!

Please feel free to add new stations to our database or to edit the information about stations.

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  1. Anyone tell me where to go for talk back radio on a Saturday night please. Do not want to listen to music.

  2. Please, update the Radio Intereconomia (Spain) info:

    Web URL:
    Stream URL: rtsp://

    I think that it is very very difficult to mantain updated the data of more than 12,000 radio stations, mainly the stream URLs, because they change often. I would recommend you that some degree of feedback of the program users would be allow. For example, if the program can not connect to a station, it could accept new proposals of users for streaming URLs and, if these links are reachable, this information could be collected for updating the global database. I have been a user of Screamer Radio for a long time and it is a pity an internet radio client with a bad or inexistent update support. Your program accept new stations that can be used for solving problems of non-updated stations, but this is only a local solution. If I fix a problem, I would like that all other users could take advantage of my fix. Best regards from Madrid, Luis

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