Please feel free to add or change radio stations.

What radio stations are you listening to? What stations would you recommend? Share with others your favorite stations. I know there are a lot of stations around the world – let’s recommend good stations among our community!

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  1. The field “updated” (date of approving) in the list is in fact not needed, as the stations are ordered in “last approved / updated” on top and going back in time
    More usefull could be , the ID of the station, especial in cases of duplicates.
    Maybe , the station could then also be searced for oçn that ID
    (More wishfull, but not possible without software updating from the radiosure player itself) where, to send also the ID along with the stations data in the rsd-file. If that is in mind by the programmers, please get rid of the old bug, that radioplayer sees the first station of the rsd file “as labels”, or adapt the query to extract the rsd file from the database, so that a labels line is added as first record.. ( now there is a “dummy” (duplicated ) record to hold that position, that should not be deleted NOR EDITED, since it gets an other ID after edit, so an other single station will disapprear then in the rsd -file[Wefunk: ID = 7, not to be edited , nor deleted]

  2. Ghost-station RNE Radio Clasica, still appearing in stations-dd-mm-yyyy.rsd file, and invisible in active stations here admin please ????

  3. The notice “label for add new station half disappearing”, seems browser related.
    In chrome OK, in Chromium ; page jumps always UP so label not seen at all
    In Mozilla related (firefox, K-Meleon) label half blanked as I decribed

  4. And WHY is the label “add new station” half -disappearing after submitting a filter , and clear the filter to see the whole list . Is OK after page-refresh (could be inplemented in script that handles the search function…)

  5. Typo in the header of this stations page “Genge” should be “Genre”, and what is the “pro” , of displaying the rejected and deleted files number on this page ??, just link to go there is OK