Please feel free to add or change radio stations.

What radio stations are you listening to? What stations would you recommend? Share with others your favorite stations. I know there are a lot of stations around the world – let’s recommend good stations among our community!

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  1. Alessio, sorry, but it’s important that you understand: Radiosure is not a podcast aggregator, which you share is live live stream addresses. If this live stream shows prerecorded programs it is something that no moderator of the radiosure should evaluate, but it has to be live stream. I did not want to assume that I was right, but since I have already realized that I am not wrong, allow me: if you have one, two, 300 radios to add, we are certainly all moderators and listeners, very happy and grateful. If you have 1, 2, 300 podcasts; you can add them to your personal radiosure, but not to the common database. I myself have had some podcasts added to my personal radiosure. But they are not to add to the common database.
    Thank you and have a great weekend!

  2. I’d like to become an administrator of this syte for put in public radiosure my favorites stations or recordings in formats that support radiosure.

  3. Yesterday I tried that in last version of rdio sure 2.2.1046 that run very well same stations with https. I tried with some stations also podcast with instert no in database and run very well here in Italy. For this reason, accepted stations with https because in last version work same files mp3 used for download but in radiosure used for listen.

  4. Bass Dynamic-Link Libraries (last version)
    bass v2.4.14
    bass-aac v2.4.5.8
    basswma v2.4.5.1
    basshls v2.4.2
    bass-fx v2.4.12.1

  5. Please, does anyone know of any US proxy to test live streams that are not working in Europe? I am one of the people who approves radios here at Radiosure, and for me it is important, to be unfair to anyone

    Thanks and have a wonderful sunday!