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What radio stations are you listening to? What stations would you recommend? Share with others your favorite stations. I know there are a lot of stations around the world – let’s recommend good stations among our community!

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  1. Alert! .977 The Smooth Jazz. This radio station. something is wrong with this radio, which causes an error in the entire program. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
    1. Since February 1, the radio has started the program. But this radio does not appear either in the program list, nor in the search in the radiosure database.
    2. All settings are lost. And if you try to reset the settings, it assumes, but as soon as the program is restarted the settings are not saved. Not even the last radio we heard. The program always starts with 977 The Smooth Jazz.
    3. This situation was not solved with the February 2 update.

  2. can someone please add soma fm groove salad classic channel to station listings? thanks!