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I finished another skin called Tuner.  You will notice that there are more textures used in this skin. I also appended the spectrum with a 3d looking spectrum. One of the new type of pressed button effects I introduced in this skin is the slide effect of the collapse button.  I tried to keep the collapse state with only the essential buttons (exit, expand, volume, record, favorite and play/stop). You will also notice that when you press record the rec text will appear in the display when your in the collapse state. I created four (4)  Tuner skins with different textures (the original, wood, carbon fiber and mosaic)

The price is 2.99


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  1. Hi Andy,

    Thank you. I understand what you mean. The text color of the text that list the radio station is easy to change but some other elements need to be changed also like for example the colour of the appended spectrum etc. But that also will be no big problem. I will look into it.

  2. Nice skins. Only thing is the colour of the text, or at least the contrast between text and background. I am not as young as I was 😉 and a natural tendency for aging sight is that contrast becomes an issue. Hence red on black is a disaster, and blue on black is only a bit better. Could you provide alternative colour contrasts, for example white text for us with a need for better contrast?